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Who am I?

In shadows of the past,

And echoes of you,

No wrongs to cast,

In this self-pursuit so true.

I soar to heights,

Then plunge below,

In these endless flights,

I find the "I" I know.

Who lingers behind,

Let's seek and see,

If there's a face unkind,

We'll set it free.

I am the man, I am the gun,

A seriousness deep, not for fun.

Yes, it's me, the enigma's core,

Test me cautiously, stay secure.

Don't draw too near,

Keep clarity stout,

What lies beneath the veneer,

In this intricate route.

Or else, you face the storm's delight,

Or else, you'll question what's right.

I am the nothing, no need to fight,

In the shadows of self, I take my flight.

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