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Two little boys

A voyage of two little boys,

One got killed, and the other survived.

He wished for love to receive pride.

He screamed for love to deceive his life.

To steal his freedom, he spoke loud.

He took action, to gather the crowd.

He explained them all and fought none.

He got burning rashes and a robbed gun.

He held the gun inwards and triggered.

Then he found a girl who he loved.

She held his hand and showed him the valley.

She kissed his forehead and led him into an alley.

They made love forever.

Yes, they were made for each other.

He melted his knives and swords.

They dove into the ocean of words.

They played with life, like a child with toys.

It's a story of two little boys.

One got killed, and the other survived.

Please don't be surprised,

She was his first love,

She was his pride.

She held him together,

till the sun rose.

She loved him with her whole heart,

till the great man died.

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