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Just You

Your heart cradles you, when your arms falter,

Thoughts guard you, when your eyes can't alter.

Words uphold you, when your hands grow weak,

Ears discern the whispers that your emotions speak.

Your body, a vessel, a gift to embrace,

Yet your soul, concealed, seeks its own space.

Am I yours, are you mine? Wisdom may debate,

But I, unreservedly, cherish our shared fate.

Learn to seize each day, embrace life's lot,

Comprehend the art of passing, forget-me-not.

A million times I've said what's in my heart's core,

In love's language, I wished for nothing more.

I loved you, your way, till the very end,

And I'll meet my fate, my way, around the bend.

Reveal my heart when you're ready to embark,

Claim it as yours, let it light your dark.

I've scaled mountains, raced through winding alleys,

Now, let me unveil what my soul conceals in valleys.

The sky guides me, above and beyond,

Allow my tears, my screams, or simply respond.

I swim beneath the waves, where secrets reside,

And break the barriers, where many dreams hide.

I don't confine myself to a single role,

Let me remain an enigma, that's my ultimate goal.

I may stumble and face the fire's toil,

While you admire the sky, I cherish the soil.

The pond echoes, birds gracefully dance,

I can be your king or your jesting chance.

Reveal your cards, in secret I shall keep,

Let me pen your story, in words profound and deep.

You're a masterpiece, as radiant as a mountain's view,

I'm weary now, so bid adieu.

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