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In pastel hues, you gently grace,

A touch of peach, a blush of pink's embrace.

Your closed eyes, a world unseen,

Yet in their depths, a love's sweet dream.

Amidst the cafe's gentle hum,

I glimpsed the one, and my heart succumbed.

With love's embrace, our souls align,

Together we, our destinies entwine.

Our dreams converge, our eyes unite,

I'll shelter you through day and night.

I'll chase your dreams with earnest heed,

To make them real, fulfil each need.

Through city streets, I wandered far,

In search of beauty, beneath the stars.

But none compare to your heart's grace,

In every word, in your warm embrace.

A writer's journey, a singer's song,

With you, my love, I'll journey strong.

On life's grand stage, we'll share the light,

Yet in our kisses, our hearts take flight.

Our hearts as one, they beat in time,

Across the realms, our love will climb.

In worlds unknown, we'll find our way,

Beyond mere words, our love will stay.

I pleaded with Momma, to wed you now,

She said, "Good things come, let time allow."

But I can't wait, my love, tell me how,

To win your heart, my eternal vow.

Directly, I can't approach your grace,

Yet through these words, my love's embrace.

Your soul, my hope, my life's desire,

Without your love, my heart's on fire.

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