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About PoeticProgrammer

Welcome to PoeticProgrammer, the creative space of Pratham Sarankar. Here, you'll find a fusion of technical expertise and storytelling prowess. Our website is dedicated to showcasing the multifaceted talent of Pratham, who is not only an app developer but also a passionate writer. Dive into our world to explore the magic of code and the beauty of words.

Looking for a versatile mind with a unique blend of app development skills and creative writing flair? You've come to the right place. PoeticProgrammer is the embodiment of Pratham's commitment to excellence in both the technical and literary domains. Join us on this journey of innovation and imagination.

My latest projects

App Showcase

App - XYZ

Discover the latest innovations in app development with our showcase of cutting-edge projects. Each app is a testament to Pratham's technical expertise and dedication to delivering seamless user experiences.

App - ABC

Immerse yourself in the world of mobile applications with our diverse range of projects. From utility apps to entertainment platforms, Pratham's portfolio reflects a deep understanding of user needs and market trends.

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